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With our backgrounds in being end users for entertainment and team building, in the tech and fashion industry, we set out to bring a tech focused set of experiences to the team building, team away day and Christmas entertainment space.

We had seen many events being run but it was the same classic reaction games or food-based games being delivered and we knew there was a space to modernise how fun can be delivered through immersive technology.

We continue to develop new ideas and games to broaden our shop experiences to our customers and partners.

Our popular experiences are delivered via virtual reality and GPS enabled tablets, which ensures customers experience a truly unique and one-off event like never before.

Our team will help you design, plan, customise and deliver your next experience, with our all inclusive packages – that it, when you book us, we deliver the end to end experience – from custom branded props and merch, to winners medals, location sourcing and catering.

All our fun team events and team building experiences are delivered to your location, across London and the rest of the UK.

The foundation of what we pride ourselves on is putting the customer at the centre, exceeding their expectations and making memories for everyone who joins our event experiences.

Check out our shop or get et in touch if you want to discuss your next team building, brand promotion, away day or corporate competition.  We’re fully insured and commercially licensed for all the software we use – let’s talk, create and deliver.

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Whether it’s for your office fun day, team away day, or team building experience, we bring the excitement to you, with our fully mobile service, available in London and the rest of the UK.

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